Where To Stay When Traveling With Pets

What is the one problem most pet lovers face when traveling with their furry friends?

Okay, some would say finding a place for Bingo to do his business while in transit. Others would argue it is keeping up with their furry friend’s mealtimes, especially with a hectic itinerary. Let’s not forget the countless apologies to strangers when traveling with an incessant barker.

But, there is one unique problem faced by all wanderlust pet lovers.

And the problem is… *drum rolls*

Finding suitable pet-friendly vacation rentals for you and Fido.

Countless pet owners go through hell when trying to book a place to stay, especially with large dogs. It’s not quite as bad as renting a pet friendly apartment, but you still have to be mindful of weight limits wherever you go.

And be prepared to spend more if you have a large dog or multiple pets. You’re either spending a ton of money or slumming it with the guy cooking meth in the room next to you (trust me I know). I’ve called around to my fair share of hotels and gotten slapped with the no-pets policy.

But leaving my dogs behind was never an option. And now, fortunately, it’s possible to find pet-friendly lodging with BringFido, a hotel and restaurant directory that caters to vacationing pet owners. 

Traveling and Renting with Fido

How do you find the best pet-friendly vacation rentals? By going for those rentals that are close to places you want to visit. This helps cut on the cost of transport and the time it takes to get to the attractions.

If it’s just you and Fido, why not rent a cheap Vespa and scoot to all places on your Itinerary.

We know there are so many places you could visit with your furry friend. But if you happen to be in any of these cities, you are in luck. Your dream pet-friendly vacation rental is just a click away!

New York

New York is definitely one of the best cities to explore with a furry friend. Inside this city are iconic attractions like the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, and, of course, The Broadway District.

Just like any busy city, getting affordable pet-friendly room in New York can be daunting, and small dogs and cats are always favored over large breed dogs. For all the listings I’ve linked in this article, large dogs of any size are allowed (at the time that I last edited this post). 


Manhattan shares most of its attractions with New York. It is also a great city for taking breathtaking cityscape photos or nostalgic selfies with Fido. Great attractions in Manhattan that offer the best photo ops include the Brooklyn Bridge and the One World Observatory (for some crazy aerial shots of Manhattan).

There are plenty of pet-friendly vacation rentals in Manhattan you can consider. You and Fido can rent a stylish, modern room right at the heart of Manhattan. A modern penthouse with two bedrooms comfortably houses for people with a pet. You have a shared bathroom with a bathtub for grooming Fido or having some quality time alone.

Miami Beach

Your summer vacation is not complete until you visit the haven that is Miami Beach. It houses the best sandy beaches and towering skyscrapers in Florida. For a summer vacation traveler, there is plenty to do in Miami Beach with Fido your partner in crime.

South Beach is perfect for basking and enjoying the cool breeze from the sea. There pave walks for evening walks with your furry friend. If you have a car, why not take an evening cruise on Ocean Drive with the sun kissing the horizon. Put on some relaxing music while Fido hangs his head out the window to catch the soothing breeze.

Of course, you and Fido will need a place to crash after all the fun you had during the day. You can find pet-friendly vacation rentals in Miami Beach to suit an entire family. We recommend a contemporary apartment with a breathtaking view of the ocean.

San Francisco

What sets San Francisco apart from all other vacation cities? It houses over 50 restaurants that serve both local and international cuisine. The best part, all these restaurants are pet-friendly so you can reserve a seat for Fido as well.

First stop in San Francisco is the Golden Gate Bridge. This majestic bridge has the best sunsets and views of the metropolis. Take a stroll along the beach for a different view of the bridge. You will also love Fisherman’s Wharf for some fresh crab and souvenirs for you and Fido. Also visit the Golden Gate Park, and  Alcatraz Island (famous for its gruesome prison).

Feeling like extending your San Francisco stay? No problem, there are plenty of pet-friendly vacation rentals in San Francisco you can call home for a few more weeks. Go with a cozy penthouse that has a scenic view, like the Golden Gate Bridge.

Final word

The next time you are planning for a trip, you don’t have to leave Fido behind. Nor do you have to stress over finding a suitable hotel to house you and your furry friend. Why not go for pet-friendly vacation rentals that are well within your budget. If the rental comes with a pool as one of the amenities, Fido definitely approves!


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