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Our Story

We know your pet is family. That’s why we’re committed to providing the best in tools and education to help you and your furry forever family members live happy and enriching lives together, no matter where life takes you! 

Hi, I’m Lee Ann and I’m the founder of Rent With Fido. I usually hate About pages because I’m not the biggest fan of tooting my own horn. But every site needs one and this one is no different, so let’s cut to the chase.

The idea for Rent With Fido began back in 2011 when my husband and I faced a particularly difficult move across the state with two large rescue dogs of “undesirable” mixed breeds (a shepherd mix and a pitbull mix).

I had been working as a vet tech in the Boston area at the MSPCA Angell Animal Medical Center and was witness to the reality of heartbroken owners surrendering their pets for various reasons. Finances and health were big factors, but as I walked up and down the rows of cages visiting the shelter animals on my lunch break, I saw a recurring theme. “Owner surrender. Moving – no pets allowed.”

But despite this daily reminder, it never once crossed my mind that this could happen to me. After all, my dogs were amazing.

Heck, Rhody had saved the life of our last landlady by alerting us that she had fallen in the middle of the night TWO FLOORS UP!

He was a bonafide hero, for God’s sake!

Still, here we were, reality setting in, and realizing that not only was it exceedingly difficult to rent with pets, but there were so many scams on Craigslist that we sometimes couldn’t tell what was a real rental and what wasn’t.

It was so frustrating to spend hours a day searching and trying to set up appointments a 3 hour drive away, with a full-time job, and not even knowing if the place was legit. The thought that we might not have a place to move to at the end of the month was terrifying.

We were spending every weekend on the other side of the state, attending open houses, filling out applications, and still after six weeks, sweet nothing.

Nada. Zilch.

Not only that, we were starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel of the rental market. The lowest of the low.

The only place that showed the slightest glimmer of chance was the definition of nasty.

It reeked of smoke, had stains everywhere, burn marks on the floors, and a magnet on the fridge for the local exterminator. The only thing missing was an onsite meth lab.

It. Was. A. Dump.

But after weeks of rejection, I was willing to take it. Hell, it was better than living in the car, right?

Two days later I got the call.

The landlord had decided to go with someone else in the end. Another “thanks but no thanks.”

I was crushed. Totally and completely devastated.

Not because I wanted to live in that rat-infested crack-shack, but because I knew we were good tenants, deserving of a chance, but the odds were stacked against us and we were losing, badly.

I felt utterly defeated.

Fortunately, this story has a happy ending. At the last minute, with a U-Haul booked, no destination, and just four days left on our lease, we lucked out and found a small but clean second-floor apartment in a multifamily home.

The nightmare was over but the seed was planted.

Six months later, we bought our own rental property and rented specifically to pet owners, knowing that we could help save another pet and keep a family together.

We found that responsible pet owners were the ideal tenants, staying longer, paying more rent, and ever grateful for the chance to prove themselves.

From this experience, Rent With Fido was born.

Now that you’ve heard our story, we’d love to hear yours! 

Thank you for joining us! 🐱❤️🐶

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